Ren Hang Influence

I am In Love with Ren Hang's photography. I stare at it all of the time and feel like there's some real depth to his works that resonates with me to no end. I recently got reacquainted with his work. (I found it years ago and saved some of his photos for an influence folder of mine on my computer haha...) and I completely lost his name and could never find his work. Anyways recently searched for him again and found his work. It is phenomenal. (often NSFW so be careful) you can view it at 

These are some of my favorites of his photographs:

Maybe it's that his work feels ... honest. ( It could be that use of the flash and the slightly off kilter positioning of a lot of his photographs but) Although his work often presents itself with things that are not necessarily 'in view' in daily life, the subject matter feels to me focused on as if it would be something naturally occurring within life.